Saturday, December 18, 2010

Domination Tag Team male submissive bdsm

male submission bdsm
EricX and Mistress Irony rigorously team up in this scene featuring Leilah as their willing toy ready to male to bdsm video porn male bdsm submit to their collaborative desires. Dressed only in a hemp rope male torture bdsm harness, she stands naked as the male male bdsm slave master captivity male abduction daring duo first get her filled attention with a very hard spanking and repeated electroshock which makes her slight at the knees and brings tears to her eyes. Eric X adds the third part element of hard pussy fingering to bring her to a body crumbling, screaming orgasm. After she is revived male on male bdsm, Mistress Irony begins the spoken humiliation game that she does SO well and, as EricX assists ~ dint of. holding her, Irony takes the riding crop to her tender internal thighs, soles of her feet, and throbbing pussy as the vibrator is turned onto strong and pressed onto her now angry clit. Two hands are improved in health than one, and in this case, four hands are even in a more excellent way for a compelling sequence of pain, humiliation and torment.

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male submission bdsm

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