Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DiB - Dec 8, 2010 - Maitresse Madeline, Gianni Luca, and Gia DiMarco bdsm erotic free card

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Maitresse Madeline is a bdsm eros inflexible women to please. When it comes to satisfying her sexually you more valuable be on your game otherwise your going to be subject to the whole that kind of humiliation tickles her fancy. When her boyfriend Gianna Luca doesn't distribute up Madeline turns him into a pathetic piece of cuck fare only good for paying her bills, taking her and her girlfriends shopping and cleaning the family. She invites Charlie over to show Gianni what it takes to attain her cum and boy is he surprised when Charlie just happens to have ~ing a women! In Gia Dimarco's official debut on Divine Bitches she plays the blunder who helps Madeline cuckold her worthless piece of slave meat. Imagine the humility when he is cuckolded by a women bdsm eros escort guide!! Gianni is flogged, clamped, and locked in modesty. They torture bdsm eros guide minnesota his bdsm video porn balls and strap-on ass fucked bdsm dvd downloads by both girls while only able to sniff and lick their assholes. He's then made to watch his girlfriend cum over and over again by a women wielding the cock!
File size: 663.4 MB

bdsm eros guide philadelphia

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