Thursday, November 17, 2011

STRICT RESTRAINT Nov 15, 2011 - Ash Hollywood, Sophia Jade (PICS, HD) bdsm free in personals toronto

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We've had each influx of new faces at DungeonCorp lately, we're always in successi bdsm free galarys~ the prowl for fresh meat...This week our search led us during the term of new potential Dommes, we enjoy a sadistic female...or two. The affair of honor begins with Ash restrained to the table, Sophia shows great in posse as she works the lovely blonde's torso over with the move nimbly. She shows a pure sadistic streak...she might just be a illegitimate. She then shows us her perverse side as she straddles Ms. Hollywood's audacity and bdsm free full movies buries a wand in her submissive's pussy...Next, Ash is bent and limit as she finds a strap-on porn bdsm in her mouth, Ash proves her vigor as she takes it deep...Taking it deep is the ongoing subject here as Sophia mounts her from behind and fucks the daylights bdsm porno public of her. Ash clutches tightly to her bdsm free gallery movie binds as she is plowed thoroughly...The violet wand is then employed and Ash receives a "shocking" finale to her Strict Restraint debut...Stay tuned to the time when next week, when the tables are turned in Round 2...

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:22:16
Format: MP4
Pics: included
Studio: Strictrestraint

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File bulk: 326.9 MB

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